Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ergolding DNA conducted by :

Daniel Vanek1, Lenka
Saskova1, Hubert Koch2
1Forensic DNA Service, Prague,
Czech Republic
2Bavarian State Department
of Monuments and Sights,
Regensburg, Germany.

Is one of the biggest find this century in regards to not just uncovering the tombs, but what tests were conducted byDr.Vanek et el in order to extract the DNA findings. Here is what Bill Lipton had to say and the link to show the graph that compared the DNA of the R1b's and that of the Sinclair of the Ulvungar Dynasty DNA Project, here at this link.

>>I've added data from one of the SINCLAIR Group Panels as comparison. It is noted that the tested data from the panel does not fully correspond to the tests performed by Vanek et al. However, for the purposes of current DNA Spread Theory analysis, a full sequence is not necessary. Early DNA based research papers – as published – focus on a limited number of loci. The 3,000 plus Haplotypes comprising my Database utilize these six loci: DYS19, DYS388, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393. It is noted that – should researches continue their current trend of expanded reporting – future analysis will also utilize DYS389a,b and DYS385a,b.In an ideal world, techniques will evolve to the point where remains can be tested for the full spectrum of NRY loci. As the title of the paper utilized here indicates, the necessary extraction techniques are still being developed and tested.>>

According to the Dr's who conducted the tests, both have stated that 244A,244B, and 244C from the tombs were indeed related to the Merovingian Royal House, so in essence, if they are 2 merely mutation off from the Ulvungar Sinclairs, then they would be Merovingian relations and family in origin, which is condusive to Prof Hugh Montgomery's genealogies in his God Kings series, The God Kings of Europe, England, and Outremer.